Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just changing a few page titles…

If someone sends you an email offering their SEO services on the cheap, delete it. SEO has a bad name, and that is because there are bad companies out there trying to make a quick buck by making some changes to your site which will be sure to fool Google into thinking you should rank number 1. Sound too good to be true? It probably is.

Technical, Content & Popularity are the 3 pillars of SEO

3 Pillars of SEO


SEO is all about ensuring that your website, and your offering, whether it’s e-commerce or a portfolio of your work, is as successful within search engines as it can be. It’s about having the best content to serve your audiences needs, whether this is products, information or video. It’s about optimising this content to ensure that search engines can view and understand it. And its finally about ensuring that your audience finds this content and it’s popularity is attributed to your website, either via links, social media signals or user signals.

I build successful SEO strategies that tie in with your other marketing activities, whether that’s PR, social media or attending events. I do it for huge clients, and for new start-ups, and I’d be really happy to have a chat with you to find out your company and your site’s needs.


What does your website need to make it more visible in Google?

Technical Optimisation

- Audit your website against potential technical problems that will affect how well your site ranks for a breadth of searches in Google
- Provide guidance on migrating from an old website design to a new one
- Explain mobile SEO and whether responsive design is the best option for you
- Help your site succeed in different countries

Content Strategy

- Write unique information on your products which is both engaging and good for search engines
- Advise on video content marked up with to drive rich snippets in search results
- Creative content ideas to drive links to your site

Audience Engagement

- Train you and your staff in producing content which is search engine friendly
- Show you how to use social media to pull links in to your website and promote your content
- Engaging with your target audience on the internet to generate links and social mentions of your brand